WTF Am I doing Here?

Actor Louis Celt has done epic work as Jack, the charismatic adventurer, in Sidetracked. Also this year, he created a non-linear film vignette series for his Senior Advanced Work Project (2021), Bennington College.

He created this short film as a way of examining a broad range of states of being, showing the contradictions of college experience, from the mundane up to those taken to extreme exposition.

It’s great to watch the whole 20 minute film. But if you have limited time, and want to get an idea – watch two minutes –  part of the vignette PANIC 19:31-20:27 and part of JOY, start at 20:58.

I find the clip fascinating as a glimpse at a Gen Z perspective. The Oxford Royale Academy posted an article on Seven unique characteristics of Gen Z: 

1. They’re digital natives

2. The world they live in has never felt safe

3. They’re accepting

4. They’re health-conscious

5. They value their privacy

6. They’re entrepreneurial and worried about their future prospects

7. They’re changing the distinction between childhood and adulthood

For more information:  .


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