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Andrea Marion

– an emerging, award winning talent in Vermont screenwriting, fiction, storytelling, and research.

Andrea wrote poetry as she sat in sunny fields as a child. Writing was a thread through her experience in school and college, hitchhiking in the U.S. and Europe in the 70s, and later marketing and yoga teaching careers.

Her keystone work, Sidetracked, emerged in 2009 when she first wrote about her husband’s fantastic hitchhiking 35,000 miles, 30 years before. She developed a passion to portray the drama and adventure of this freewheeling, disappeared era and what happened in life to those teenagers who stuck out their thumbs and took to the roads.

The more Andrea explored the theme of freedom and subsequent constraint and duress within society and relationships, the more she became determined to tell this story.  Recent national crises of gender, power and social injustice are potent reminders that these deeply emotional issues continue to resonate in daily life.

Recognition & Awards

While completing post-graduate studies at Dartmouth College, Andrea has garnered recognition and awards in screenplay, fiction, non-fiction and storytelling. Scripts from Sidetracked earned a Gold Remi award at the World Fest Houston, 2020, and Official Selection at the Moondance International Festival, 2020.  Her work has appeared in literary journals including Dartmouth’s Clamantis in 2019 and 2021.  She was also recognized with the Conference Presentation Award for her work on mindfulness, titled “Lightenment” at the Association of Graduate Liberal Studies conference in Washington, D.C., 2019. She appears at THE MOTH events in Burlington, Vermont as a storyteller.


Andrea holds a B.A., French Literature, SUNY Albany, 1979, with credits from the Middlebury Language Program and study and work in France.  She was a Vermont marketing manager until 2005, when she became a yoga and mindfulness teacher and studio owner.  She is a Dartmouth Master of Liberal Arts graduate student, writing concentration, class of 2024.

Other Interests

Since 2015, she is the volunteer leader of the Winooski Community Mindfulness Project and enjoys seven day silent meditation retreats. She and her husband, Bill, sail Lake Champlain and the Atlantic Ocean as well as garden and walk their retriever mix, Yogi, in the woods and parks around their home in Burlington, Vermont.