Meet Paul Tighe, Sidetracked co-producer/audio producer

Paul Tighe
Got conflicts? Not me!

From Paul Tighe, Sidetracked co-producer and audio producer – “I would say that the thing that intrigues me the most about Sidetracked is the story. I was really able to connect with the conflict that Mari is feeling, being hung up on the idea that her and Jack could live out her wildest romantic dreams that she reads so much about in novels, and how the journey that she takes with Jack often leads further from who she is, or who she could be. I think this is why Sidetracked is such an important story to tell, because a great demographic of people can relate to this, and perhaps many young women and men can watch and feel like it’s okay to be conflicted and have your faults.”

Paul is a junior filmmaking student at Champlain College. “In the past I have done freelance work (Wedding Videography, Advertisements, and Music Videos) as well as various narrative projects such as student films. I am most interested in writing and script supervising as well as audio production and sound editing.”

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