Maddie Foret, Co-producer and 1st Assistant Director


“As a young woman, I resonate with the journey Mari takes to be an independent being while struggling with her desire to be with someone she loves. Often in life we want everything to fall into place– we want our dreams and ambitions to come to fruition: to be born, nurtured, and encouraged. We want to constantly learn and improve who we are at our core. But especially in the 80s, when this story is set, women had to work extra hard to get what they want, and a conservative, patriarchal society is a major obstacle for her. Sidetracked could be set in the modern day and the story and themes would remain the same. That’s why this story matters.”

Maddie Foret is a published writer, actor, and filmmaker, and third-year Professional Writing major at Champlain College. Her writing and filmmaking credits include two poems in Sage Soup, a Capstone online literary magazine; The Pain No One Sees, a short documentary with an Honorable Mention from the New England Student Emmys; Cake, a short film produced in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, which she co-wrote; and plenty of student films associated with Champlain College and the University of New Orleans. She’s a New Orleans native, which inspires her own writing and filmmaking endeavors.

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