Louis Celt to play Jack in Sidetracked

Louis Celt Portrait

Getting to play Jack is exciting, it’s a chance to inhabit a lifestyle I fantasize about. There’s that inner part of me that wants to do what Jack’s done: escape┬ábeing tied down by a job, debt, obligations and truly live in the moment while travelling the world. But I relate to this character as well. I left home at 17, albeit for much different reasons than Jack, but definitely had comparable adventures and scares while living abroad. I moved to Bosnia and Herzegovina for two years to finish high school there and leapt at the opportunity to adventure around Europe (hitchhiking occasionally) and explore my newfound freedom. Jack’s sense of adventure is something I share, I’m not afraid to try new things and figure them out as I go. I’m really looking forward to discovering who Jack is and bringing myself to this role, while finding out how we differ.

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