4am lunch shift??!!??


At the last minute because of a cancelled location arrangement, the Sidetracked film crew needed a restaurant for a scene. Jeff at Great Northern on Pine Street offered to come in at 4 am so they could shoot before the kitchen opened. Jeff cleared a section of the bar, not in use to the public because of COVID and jammed with storage, so the scene could take place.

Thousands of details surround  a film, from the permits to stop traffic on Route 2  near Richmond to finding a bar on the spot. The community – Jeff at Great Northern; the Town of Richmond and so many others pitched in to help. Lincoln’s on Church Street hosted for a scene, Jamie on Germain Street lent her porch and all neighbors moved cars to make way for 80s vehicles in the background, someone let the crew charge batteries in their house, OGE donated costumes. The City of Burlington gave location permits for filming at Oakledge Park and the Waterfront.

Not to mention the hundreds of donors  who helped pay for food, transportation and equipment. We thank you all!

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