Meet Shane Bendit, Production Designer

My name is Shane Bendit, a junior film major at Champlain College with a focus in screenwriting and production design. I’m excited to work with the “Sidetracked” film challenge of creating a world and set that can be recognized as the classic 80s while reflecting the social issues of that time.

Also, this project is created by students and it makes me so excited to try out my dream job as I would love to work in television.

Andrea Marion Author’s Note –

Bring on those shoulder pads, big hair, parachute pants, denim jackets, vinyl records and a Ford Fiesta. My sister had one of those tin-box cars. She used to sing the ad jingle- “Have you driven a FORD, lately?” And then add – “No, because it’s always in the (repair) garage.”

The 80s were about “if you got it, flaunt it and you can have it all” and presented backlash and ridicule regarding the preppy Ivy League way of life and style.

If it’s your dream, Shane, it will come true. Don’t wait as long as I did. I wanted to be a writer in college. I went on to have a 25-year career in business marketing; and 15 years as a yoga and mindfulness teacher with a studio. Now, at 63, I’m finally making the writing thing happen. Never give up!

Shane Bendit
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